Missing letters? Fixed soon!

Many thanks to the dozens of people who reported that problem with the missing letters to me. With your help and cooperation I could sort out this issue. An updated version of Zoolicious is underway and can soon be downloaded from Google Play!

This also counts for AppGratis users who downloaded the game while it was still available through the AppGratis app, even though the “free for 1 day” campaign period is over.

Zoolicious will notify you automatically about the available update. But you should also watch out for the update using your Google Play app.

The new version number of Zoolicious with that fix will be (please note the five in the end 🙂

As promised, I also removed my custom licensing function from the game and I removed all previously registered email addresses from my database. I never intended to cause any harm with that. I just wanted to put a copy protection in place to protect my game from piracy when the AppGratis campaign is over. Quite a few people did not take it lightly and I can understand it. On top of that my licensing server crashed big time because of that huge amount of registration attempts. I did not mean to cause any harm to you folks. Lesson learned, promised!

Due to numerous other crash reports from you I also managed to sort out a great deal of other stability problems with the game. I’m really grateful for all of your feedback, kind words, encouragement and criticism and I want to say a big thank you! 🙂

Thomas Iguchi