Update Release Notes Version 1.0.8

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest upcoming update of Zoolicious (version 1.0.8) because it comes with a whole bunch of bug fixes for the following problems:

“No More Moves” bug when starting a new level

In later levels (around twenty-something and onwards) a game could end right at the start of a new level with “no more moves”. There was a bug in the random board generator that could cause that. Sorry about that! Please note that a “no more moves” situation is part of the game play and can happen in later levels after making a move.

Delayed and sluggish touch control on devices with HD screens

Modern Android devices with high DPI screens (such as Google’s Nexus 5) suffered a bug where the tile selection touch controls felt sluggish and slightly delayed. That could cause a lot of unintended and wrong move path selections. The touch controls of Zoolicious should be consistent now on all supported devices. If you still happen to notice any related problems then shoot us a support email by tapping the mailbox button in the main menu of the game 🙂

Continue button does not work on game over screen

Under some circumstances the “Continue” button at the bottom of the game verdict screen did not work anymore and your finished game score did not appear in the high score list. This could happen when resuming an unfinished game.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

This update also contains a few bug fixes for minor graphics glitches, sound playback issues (music would play back while lock screen is showing) and increased stability.

Thank You!

As always, many thanks to you guys for making use of the crash and bug report feature of the game! Without your feedback we couldn’t have figured out these problems!