Release Notes for Version

This update contains bug fixes for the following issues

Game not paused while lock screen is showing

On older Android devices a Time Attack or “The Professor Says” game would still run (and the timer would count down) while the device lock screen was showing. This should be fixed now. A running game will be paused while the lock screen is showing and only continue when the screen is unlocked.

Saved game cannot be properly resumed

There were unfortunately numerous problems with saving a running game in previous versions of Zoolicious. Upon resuming a game the previous state was not correctly restored (such as the total spent time). Under some circumstances you were greeted with an empty board and a “No More Moves” game over message right away. This problem was usually triggered by leaving the game while the lion was dancing in between levels. I tried my best to find and fix all problems related to saving and restoring running games. If you happen to notice any more problems with that feature, then please let me know by tapping the “Support” mailbox button in the game’s main menu, so I’ll also receive your game log file.

Minor bug fixes

There was a background music playback problem when pausing and resuming a running “The Professor Says” game. This update also contains a few stability improvements.

HOTFIX Update (March 8th, 2014)

As it so happens, the fixes of the previous update introduced a smallish problem with the timer bar in the “Time Attack” and “The Professor says” game modes. When a game was over, the timer bar would reset to the beginning of the level and keep on counting down. That way a repeated game over could happen. This issue is sorted out with this hotfix (keep an eye open in case it is not available, yet in your app store).