Privacy Policy

This is our privacy policy for our products Zoolicious and Zoolicious Free.

We at Nobu Games LLC take your privacy very seriously. We do not automatically receive or collect any personal data from you through our products. Whatever personal data we may receive from you is optional and only sent to us on your request.

Your Email Address and Device Information

If you run into technical issues with our products you can send us a crash report or support request via email. In that case we get both your email address, Android device data and application log file which are mandatory for solving your problem and getting in touch with you.

We do not use your email address for any other purpose than getting in touch with you and discussing your support request with you. We do not give away your email address to third parties.

The attached application log file does only contain logging information created by our game. It is not an Android device log file. We make sure that the log data does not contain any information that may be private, identifying or confidential to you.

Facebook Integration

Zoolicious and Zoolicious Free provide Facebook features for:

  • opening our Zoolicious fan page on Facebook
  • posting a final game verdict / game result to your own Facebook wall

The Facebook features of our products are optional. There is no requirement for you to log in with your Facebook account.

Our app does not send any Facebook related data to Nobu Games LLC or third parties. Our games do not automatically use, read or interact with your Facebook account without your consent and explicit action.

Zoolicious Free and 3rd Party Libraries

Zoolicious Free is advertisement-driven and therefore contains 3rd party code from the advertisement networks AdMob, InMobi and AppFlood. It is unfortunately necessary to include certain Android application permissions to make these libraries work.

We promise that we only pick the minimum amount of permissions to make the game work with these 3rd party components.

These permissions required by these 3rd party components are:

    • Needed for online communication with ad networks but also needed by the game itself for online game and social features
    • Needed for saving battery by only requesting advertisements when an Internet connection has been established
    • Needed for caching advertisement data downloads and also for storing crash log information

With version we dropped READ_PHONE_STATE, since we also removed two advertisement network providers from the game that required this permission.

Zoolicious AppGratis Version

On August 1st 2013 Zoolicious was available as a special edition for a whole day promoted by AppGratis.

The first release of the special edition contained a license check that required you to register with your Google account email address on our server.

Due to the massive amount of simultaneous registrations our server broke down and we had to remove that license check. All previously registered email addresses have been deleted from our database.

Automatic Update Checks

Our products automatically check for updates once a day. These update check requests are sent to our web server over the Internet. It is in the nature of web servers that your Android device’s IP address gets automatically logged during such a request. However, no other information is being transferred to our server through these update check requests.

The IP address won’t be permanently stored on our server. After about 6 months the log file entries containing your IP address will be automatically dropped.

Clicking on our Ads

For getting a better understanding of the effectiveness of our online advertisement banners we may be making use of tracking features that give us information about how many ad banner clicks translate into actual downloads of our products. That tracking mechanism does not reveal the identity of individual users to us. The only thing we can see are aggregated, anonymous numbers.

Nobu Games LLC abides by the safe harbor framework set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal data collected from the European Union.

All company and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.